Pamela Acosta is a Mexican artist from the borderlands along the Rio Grande Valley living and working in Northampton, Massachusetts. She received her BFA from what is now the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley in 2013 and pursued studies in traditional animation at the School of Visual Arts throughout 2014 and 2015. Her work finds inspiration in literature and nature. She creates visual narratives about a myriad of beings, quests and the symbiotic relationships formed between beings and their environments; exploring how we construct, transform and are transmuted by our surroundings. Her work is characterized by figurative narratives explored through visual poetry and magical realism.

Recent exhibition highlights include a two month solo exhibit titled Fragmentos de un Naufragio at ECA Gallery in Easthampton and an Pond-dwellers or Contra-Corriente, a two person exhibit at the Burnett Gallery at Jones Library in Amherst. 


For any inquiries, questions or just to say hi please contact me at:
pamacostahdz@gmail or here.

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